Damour's name comes from the God of Air at the Canaanites

the origin of the word from Tamour, which is the fruit and indicates the palm fruit and the palm tree itself.

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Job opportunities

Create job opportunities for youth and women in less advantaged areas.

Promote dialogue

• Promoting internal and external dialogue for better development and security


Utilizing and developing constructive and responsible media.

Human resource

Human resource development for sustainable programs.

Together for a better future

Damour is a non-profit Palestinian institution registered in Palestine in 2010, and has presence and offices in both West Bank and Gaza Strip. It aims at increasing the level of resilience of the deprived Palestinian communities to facilitate positive change in their lives towards sustainable development with focus on environment, community support, youth employment and women empowerment. Damour contributes to just peace building that leads to the peaceful two state solution entailing the independent Palestinian state on the occupied 1967 Palestinian territories.

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Our Values:


we publish our reports regularly to be accessible to our community at large, partners, relevant authorities, donors and friends.


Our added value lies in our local and international partnerships towards reinforcing sustainability and stability in the MENA region.


We strive to seek creative solutions for community development challenges.


We do the best for our people and partners, treat them with respect and empathy, whilst embracing diversity.


We deliver excellent work with a positive attitude by well-skilled people using best practice in a business-like approach.


We act in an ethical manner with trust, honesty, reliability and credibility.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the catalyst for community development, resilience and growth towards self-sustainable communities

Our Mission

Our Mission

The main mission of Damour is to maximize development opportunities and to protect and improve the environment in marginalized communities through innovative initiatives and priority activities in equal, fair and transparent manner, and empower these communities to live in peace, prosperity and security.

Our Motto

Our Motto

Together we can make better future for all

Our Deliverable

Our Deliverable

is sustained development in most vulnerable geographic areas and communities in Gaza and West Bank.

Our Mandate

Our Mandate

is Help/ enable the people and communities to become into control their lives and future to the best of their abilities in different sectors including energy, health, environment and economic development.

Our Program

What we offer

WaterGen Device

Damour managed to solicit funding for the procurement and installation of two of the important and unique Wate...

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Due to Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 1967 and the national catastrophe (Nakba) in 1948...

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The three Girls Gallery is an exihibition of three Palestinian that was hold in Jaffa city for the first time

AHLAM FAQEEH Born in the village Qatannah near Jerusalem (16.4.1979) Ahlam completed her BA in Fine Arts and h...

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Solar Energy Training for Technicians and Engineers

This initiative aimed to leverage the capacity of the solar energy sector in the Gaza Strip and contribute to ...

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our quality members

Creative Team

Tahani Abu Daqqa

Youth Development & Civil Society Institutional Building Specialist

Ashraf Al Ajrami

Journalist-writer and political analyst

Mohammed Shaheen


Frequently asked questions

Local businesses through encouraging social responsibility and fair investment interests that serve the best interest of communities we serve, Arab countries which share similar interests and objectives, International donors that respect Damour values and priorities, Volunteers from local professionals, partner organizations and local communities and international friends.

Damour management control is designed to provide assurance regarding the achievement of organizational objectives. Risks impacting on achieving these objectives are assessed and to implement the measures which eliminate the risks. Damour has a management council which consists of senior well experienced in different development spheres as well as in managing institutions with support from a wide range of professional and institutional networks of partners and friends locally, regionally and internationally. Regular meetings and review of organizational performance and achievements are conducted to plan for future and to mitigate potential risks.

We focus on Human resource development for sustainable programs, Build on success stories of community development, Utilizing and developing constructive and responsible media, Create job opportunities for youth and women in less advantaged areas, and Promoting positive internal and external dialogue needed for better development and security.

Damour provides services to improve the quality of life and local Communities and is registered as a nonprofit organization in date 12/08/2010 Under the Palestinian Ministry of Economy (No/562505172).

Damour works in resource poor communities in Gaza Strip and West Bank especially those affected by conflict and trauma, Unemployed Youth and women in vulnerable communities, Professional groups and businesses to support community development projects, Local and international entrepreneurs especially in alternative energy, health technology, institutional building and peace building, Local and International partners who share similar values, interest and objectives, and Local policy makers working in the different sectors relevant to our aims and mission.

Encourage reconciliation and dialogue within and across Palestine, Open doors for mobilizing resources for most needy communities, Utilize local and international learning in innovation to improve wellbeing of underserved communities, Make a measurable impact on improving lives of Palestinian communities, and Help create a more peaceful future and justice for all.

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What our company do

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watergen training

Damour Foundation for Community Development has conducted a training for a group of trainees of municipal ...

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The Agriculture Training

A Training In” Modern Irrigation methods" was carried out by Damour for community development in the peri ...

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Interview with Justice Minister Ali Abu Diak

Mohammed ZayedWhat is the main reason for postponing the local elections. The interim decision of the High ...

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